Venues & Accommodation

VenueNano Ferrihydrite Forest

LACAME 2018 will be organized by the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH). You can reach the USACH campus easily by subway (locally known as "metro") at line 1 Estación Central station. To use any public transportation (except taxis), you will need a transportation card ("BIP card"), which can be purchased (just one time), and charged with money in any metro station (

Usually Transportation Fare (approximate values, in US$)

Airport - Hotel Transportation:
Taxi US$ 35
Shuttle US$ 12 (per person)

Metro and bus combined Public Transportation:
BIP card US$ 2.30 + money for tickets. Any time you ride a bus or metro your card will be charged as follow
Metro ticket US$ 1.1
Bus Ticket US$ 1.0

Taxi transportation
Taxi US$ 1.0/Km, total trip value will be displayed in the taximeter.

To pay cash any purchase you have to use local money. Just in few places (as some restaurants and hotels) it is possible to pay directly with U$ dollars. Your credit card can be used at any place, except in taxis where just few of them have card charge system.


The organizing committee has two suggested hotels. However, the accommodation place is optional and you can choose and directly book the accommodation that better fits you. We invite you to make your reservations with time since in November high season begins.

How arrive to Universidad de Santiago campus

The Conference will take place in the Salón de Matemáticas (Math’s Hall) of the Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH), which is in front of CITECAMP building and next to VIME’s building. You can reach easily the campus by subway (metro). Keep in mind that you must get off the subway at Estación Central station.

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